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– Jenny Gustafson, Founder and CEO
Like Minds Communications

– Jessica Meehan, Director of Sales
Morton’s The Steakhouse and Morton’s Grille

– Thomas Kohler, Regional Director of Operations
Morton’s The Steakhouse and Morton’s Grille

– Eric Kresse, General Manager
Morton’s The Steakhouse, Houston Galleria

Lisa is one of the hardest most committed people I have ever met and her ability to connect with anyone is unrivaled it is a pleasure to have met her and her family and worked with her for the last few decades and look forward to many more.

– Simon Dawson, Principal
Dawson Racing and d3esports

Lisa was the “energizer bunny” of sales for my region. She was never lacking in enthusiasm or dedication to the task at hand, and if she wasn’t sure how to do something, she would research, and try and try again, to tackle whatever it was that needed to be done.

She is an innate relationship builder, and could work a room with charm, poise, and natural warmth, engendering friendships and relationships with clients and colleagues.
In summation, she is a gregarious, task-oriented professional who I would always be happy to have on my sales team in any capacity.

– Anastasia Palmer Johnson, Regional Director of Sales and Marketing
Morton’s The Steakhouse

I had the opportunity to work with and open up Morton’s The Steakhouse in Anaheim with Lisa Olson. She was a truly dedicated and professional individual that lived our companies’ core values. She strived to continually improve in all aspects and ensured that our restaurant was profitable. She made my job easy especially with forecasting future sales and ensured that the restaurant was full. Lisa has a talent for driving sales and capturing new opportunities. Lisa did an excellent job marketing our restaurant and creating new partnerships within our community and beyond. I really enjoyed working with Lisa and I know that she is doing an amazing job at the Morton’s in Houston Galleria.

Ron Phomsopha, Food and Beverage Controller
Morton’s The Steakhouse, Anaheim

I had the pleasure of first becoming acquainted with Lisa in our temporary accommodations/office, while we began setting ourselves up for success with the opening of a new Morton’s Steakhouse. Lisa was an integral part in the success of our opening, which the time for had been compressed. Lisa hit the ground running, never letting an opportunity pass her by. When we had some ‘down’ time during the opening, Lisa was busy canvassing our new home, making contacts in the area and making sales. Lisa is a true professional. She has a keen eye for detail and is truly a team player. I could not have picked a better person for her crucial role.

– Joe Effert, General Manager
Morton’s The Steakhouse, Anaheim

Lisa is an absolute pleasure to work with. She always goes above and beyond your expectations. Her standards of quality and service are the very highest. Morton’s is outstanding and she is a great asset to their team. I couldn’t imagine a nicer person to do business or become friends with. We certainly miss you here in Anaheim but know your customers will just love you back in the great State of Texas. Best wishes out there!

– Caroline Morey, Office of the Mayor,
City of Anaheim

Lisa is an polished restaurant, hospitality and tourism industry sales & marketing professional. Her energy, creativity, and attention to detail have ensured the success of client events that we’ve held at Morton’s The Steakhouse. It’s a pleasure to work with Lisa – her smile lights up the room!

– Ann Gallaugher, VP Tourism Development
Anaheim/Orange County Visitor & Convention Bureau

When one has to spend literally hundreds of hours together with coworkers, living challenging situations and having to adapt to an infinite number of things out of one’s control, that’s when we have the unique opportunity to see a person’s true character. I had the pleasure of getting to know Lisa during my time at Up with People’s multicultural leadership program. Seeing the development she had during the time we shared was an experience I’m truly grateful for. Lisa pushed her limits getting to know more about herself and along the way, people from other cultures. She gained invaluable skills thanks to her willingness to learn and hard work. Interestingly enough, one of the things I remember more about Lisa is her smile! And that’s because I saw it often, even after long hours of work like the ones we had during our world tour or in Mexico, where we participated in a very special event called State of the World Forum for Emerging Leaders.
In order to be part of the selected group who participated in this event, where we had to opportunity interact directly with world leaders, Lisa had to be previously chosen between more than 150 people. I can assure you that she was the right choice!
While we were there, we made several presentations and organized numerous recruiting activities achieving extraordinary results. Lisa was an important part of the team that make that happened. Therefore, if you have a challenging situation, give it to her, I am sure she will respond up to the challenge to the best of her capacity…which now knows no limits.

– Carlos Ordonez, Assistant Director of Admissions, Up With People

I got to know Lisa during the year we travelled together in Up With People and her marketing skills were outstanding, so I recommended F.A.V.A. Association to hire Lisa as an Activities and Entertainment Coordinator for a voyage that was organized to Morocco in the Portuguese navy ship “Creoula”.

She was the perfect match for the job, her creative ideas were outstanding, she surprised everyone every day with interesting new projects, her personal and social skills were remarkable and she deals very well facing difficult unexpected challenges demonstrating a positive attitude and flexibility.

Being a very reliable, efficient and intelligent person, Lisa is definitely a surplus value in any activity she does.

– Catarina Rocha Ferreira,
Member of Portuguese Parliament and Up With People Alumna

Congratulatory Letter from Bill Clinton Re: Up With People

– Bill Clinton, 42nd President
United States of America

– Cheryl Alspach, Business Manager and Marketing Coordinator
Up With People